We promote and encourage a spam-free online environment. This means we do not like advertisements and we do not want you to see them either!

We try to always link you directly to specific files & streams, bypassing 2nd & 3rd party website advertisements as much as we can. Unfortunately, we are not always successful.

We recommend that you keep up with all Microsoft updates, and have your pc protected at all times. If you do not have any protection tools, here are some links to good trusted tools, and read the fundamentals of a good protected PC & a safe online environment.

The Fundamentals of a Well Protected Online Environment

1. A good AntiVirus is needed. Make sure it is up-to-date and currently running. Usually windows comes with Defender Antivirus. make sure it's on and up-to-date. Don't have one? get  AVG Free Antivirus . If you think you are infected with spyware or malware, we recommend MalwareBytes to clean your system registry and files.

2. A strong popup blocker set is highly recommended. We recommend GHOSTERY, ADGUARD, and ADBlockPlus browser extensions to stop trackers & advertisements ( Install all 3 of them for top security. ) and to ensure IP & DNS  protection from hackers, we recommend  the free version of Proton VPN or PLANET VPN

3. When you browse for tv shows or movies ..remember.. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PLAYERS, CODECS or PLUGINS, so do not accept any installations while trying to watch.  Some websites require a free membership in order to watch streams. It is up to you to sign up, but in most cases, it is not necessary.

4. Do not believe Deceptive and Deceiving Ads! All Advertisements online are designed to lure you into even more spam.

5. Some websites might ask you to turn off your ad / pop-up blockers in order to watch. Unless you are an advanced pc user..DO NOT TURN THEM OFF! Close and try a different link or source.

6. If you have to sign up on a website in order to watch, we advise you to use a secondary email account and not your main. It is wise to have more than one email account. (one personal and one for public use). Always protect your privacy by using an email account that you assigned for public use and not for business, family and friends.

7. if your stream or video file is lagging, simply pause the stream for a few minutes and let it load. Depending on your internet speed, some files and streams require more time or bandwidth to run smoothly.

The majority of streaming websites are loaded with spam, malware, fake player installations and useless plug-ins. When you see these message-windows popup on your screen, DO NOT click them! Find the "X", close and avoid them.

Usually the file or stream you want to watch is hiding behind ads. This is a very common spammer tactic to lure you to watch advertisements or to download or install their malware. Some are so bad they will try  to install without your consent.  Always be careful and read the fine print.

That is why is so important to have a good advertisement/popup blocker. It makes your web browsing more safe and secured. Learn to read the signs of spam. Read before you click and determine what is real and what is fake.

We  work hard to bring you the best media in the cleanest and safest environment.


Do not browse unprotected ! Install these tools to ensure your privacy: 100% Safe


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