Help us raise the money to purchase The League's Fantasy Football Ring,
to be given to the winner of our Season's  League Champion
Attention League Players: Don't forget to mention your team name and your ring size in the comment section when making your donation in order to participate in the contest.  Donations with no team designation are considered  "League Open Donation"
***Ring Design Might Vary***
Fantasy Football Championship Ring - Gold | GOLD FFL Champ Ring | NO YEAR
ONLY $5.00 USD
Per Donation
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The ring will be ordered on week 16 of the regular season, after winner is officially announced. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery to the winner.

**** Cash prizes are added based on Funding Budget. ****

You can donate as many times as you wish, but one donation is more than plenty.

All cash prizes are delivered using PayPal

Player Winning odds = 20-1

Pay using your smartphone - Read the QR Code bellow

******HMN FFL is a non-profit entity. All collected donations will be revised and utilized in its totality on the cash prizes, purchase of the FFL Ring and shipping fees. We only ship to US & Canada******


League Sponsorship Program

Join our Team Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a team in our league and get free advertisement in our network!
With your sponsorship, teams automatically qualify to win the FFL Ring.

How the Sponsorship Program works:
Purchase a custom made online banner with your business advertisement & a link to your website, along with your League's favorite team logo.
$ 20.00 = 1 month of 1 advertising banner in our website
$ 50.00 = 6 months of 1 advertising banner in our website
$ 100.00 = 1 Year of 1 advertising banner in our website
*** No Adult content ****

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